Beyond surpasses. Beyond makes a difference.

For those of you who are not satisfied with the standard customization

The Jimny is a retro-style vehicle that offers excellent 4WD performance, making it capable of driving through rough terrain.
It is also known for its unique charm and popularity as a base for customization.
However, due to its one-of-a-kind nature, customization tends to be similar.
If you want to assert your individuality, Beyond Japan's items can help you achieve that desire.
The brand name uses the word 'beyond' to convey the idea of going further.
Several items were developed with a flexible approach that goes beyond our initial concept of a Jimny custom.
While the off-road style is standard for the Jimny, each item can be presented in a unique way based on the owner's taste.
The Jimny can be transformed into a retro American style with a California feel or a hard-core old car from the heyday of speed racing, depending on the colour coordination and wheel choice.
We offer a wide range of materials to create a unique vehicle.
Make use of these to dye your Jimny in the colour of your choice.



Look at the customization of the time and discover new possibilities

It is interesting to pursue a pure American custom, but it is also interesting to add a little originality.
Past Jimny models were also popular as a base for customization, mainly for off-road vehicles.
So, in the spirit of `learning from the past,' we thought about incorporating the tastes of that time.
The Liberte's front bumper has a strong pipe shape, which is the gold standard for Jimny customization.
It is characterized by the length of the pipe being shorter than the width of the car, a design that was popular when the JA11 was at its peak.
The optional skid plate is an item that doubles the off-road feel just by installing it, but it's also interesting to leave the underside exposed without the skid plate, which gives it a wild look.
And by using genuine JA11 tail lamps for the rear bumper, you can effectively express the style of the time.
We paid special attention to the shape of the pipe and bent the center part to prevent interference with the spare tire.