Beyond surpasses. Beyond makes a difference.

For those of you who are not satisfied with the standard customization

The Jimny is a retro-style vehicle that offers excellent 4WD performance, making it capable of driving through rough terrain.
It is also known for its unique charm and popularity as a base for customization.
However, due to its one-of-a-kind nature, customization tends to be similar.
If you want to assert your individuality, Beyond Japan's items can help you achieve that desire.
The brand name uses the word 'beyond' to convey the idea of going further.
Several items were developed with a flexible approach that goes beyond our initial concept of a Jimny custom.
While the off-road style is standard for the Jimny, each item can be presented in a unique way based on the owner's taste.
The Jimny can be transformed into a retro American style with a California feel or a hard-core old car from the heyday of speed racing, depending on the colour coordination and wheel choice.
We offer a wide range of materials to create a unique vehicle.
Make use of these to dye your Jimny in the colour of your choice.



The excitement of those days of competing for speed is back in the present day

The classic Jimny custom is the off-road style that exudes a wild mood.
However, I would like to recommend the CODE08 styling to those who find the theory boring and want a unique personality.
All JB64 Jimny models are equipped with turbo engines, and they have the potential to make big changes through tuning.
Therefore, if you choose the current Jimny, which has a sporty style and an angular shape, it is a nostalgic choice.
Face grille Le27 that pays homage to the TE27 Corolla Levin, and a legit short bumper that retains the genuine atmosphere.
The grille can be given a richer look by painting the details, and the bumper can also be painted silver to give it a steel look.
Furthermore, if you casually lower the vehicle height like the vehicle in the photo, it evolves into a figure reminiscent of the street racers of the 1970s.
The rear area also features a US tail cover that makes the genuine tail lamps look like sporty round four lights, improving the sense of dynamism.
Let's run through the city in a simple and sturdy sports style that is not "just".